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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Time For A Change

Firstly I can't believe how time can pass so quickly that I haven't made a single post here since November of last year, that's just crazy. It's not like I'm neglecting poker as I'm on it day and night. If I'm not moderating at PokerSchoolOnline then I'm playing the cash tables on PokerStars or checking out a few poker forums that I enjoy reading and posting on.

Those of you that know me well will see me posting daily at PSO and I bounce a lot of tweets back and forth with some of you on Twitter @theroyalraiser. I love a good poker discussion and thanks to those that have chatted with me over the last few months.

I've had a kind of 'Lightbulb' poker moment recently and I'm going to put it to the test over the next few weeks and months. I'm beginning to think that the full-ring tables may not be for me and there might be a better chance of making a profit on the 6-max tables, for me anyway. Let me share with you how I came to this conclusion.

On the face of it Badminton and Tennis have a lot in common as do Cricket and Baseball for that matter. In Cricket and Baseball you use a bat to hit a ball as far as you can in both games. The concepts of both are strikingly similar but ask any player that excels in these sports are they the same and they'll probably tell you that the opposite couldn't be truer, that in fact those games are worlds apart.

It's kinda the same with Fullring and 6-max poker. They look similar and have the same rules but there is a huge difference. To me that difference is the type of player those games attract, the types of hands they play and how my personal playing style might be better suited to the 6-max game.

During this month I hit SilverStar status for the first time and I've spent a lot of time analysing sessions using Holdem Manager to plug those leaks that I know I have. It was during one of these reveiws that I had that 'Eureka' moment. I've always been a full ring player with what I considered to be a very tight opening range so much so that I'm confident that in most hands I get involved with that I would be the pre-flop favourite. It's post-flop where the problems start. Quite often I would catch a 'piece' of the flop against a loose player and I just would not be able to throw away the hand. I'd go all the way to the showdown even though I would know I was beat. If anybody put a note on me that I was a calling station then I wouldn't disagree with them.

Without switching my style of play though I an simply going to swicth tables to the 6-max game in a type of experiment. My theory is that these games will suit my playing style and opening range much better. This, along with the fact that the 6-max tables seem to attract players that are super loose, should mean that I have a much better chance of turning a profit at these games.

So it's official, I'm now a 6-max player until further notice. The plan of action is to retain SilverStar status during March playing 10NL 6-max games. I've downloaded a 'Blogger' app for my phone so I'll keep short updates here now after each session and then once every week or fortnight I'll jump in with a few graphs and some hand replays. It's going to be the new changed me and I've even marked the change by getting a new avatar to remind me that this is a new beginning. What do you think of it?


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