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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Town Of El Paso

Fired up a 10NL 6-max session last night and played just over 1500 hands with 6 tables on the go. I ended the session just shy of two and a half buy-ins down.

As I played I stuck a movie on the second monitor, a good old fashioned western called 'A Few Dollars More'. There's a classic line at the end of the movie where Clint Eastwood say 'I thought I was havin' trouble with my adding but I'm all right now' ... Well I was the same! I wasn't paying enough attention to the tables counting outs or stack to pot ratios and other stat details that are important to turning profit.

The result of this is that I've put out a plan of action for the week ahead. Each day I'll watch a different poker video on PokerSchoolOnline, each day I'll review a few hands from the last session and to finish off I'll play a 6-max session for not more than 2 hours.

Today for example I wacthed a 6-max reveiw by poker coach @xflixx on Twitter followed by changing my HM2 hud display to include opponents 'fold to 3bet percentages' then I played some tables.
As I've already got SilverStar status this month I'm dropping down to 2NL for the rest of this month as a lot of my play will be experimental while I try out some fresh approaches. I'll also on open 4 tables at a time as I want to really learn how to exploit stat reads on opponents in different situation. An example of this would be if a known passive player checks the flop to me and I see he folds to a lot of c-bets then I'll bet out against him with air in position to try and take the pot down then and there.

I tried the approach above in a short 2NL session tonight playing only 500 hands and finished the session 2.5 buy-ins up. Again I'll be trying out some new approaches for the rest of this month in preperation for a good stab at 10NL in March.


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