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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Rattle & Sum

Didn't play any poker yesterday (Wed) as I had a busy day and Wednesday is my night for playing percussion with the band down in the local bar, Beggys of Navan. If anybody is planning a road trip of Ireland then stick Navan on the schedule and drop in any Wednesday. Theres even a really nice hotel just a minutes walk away so very handy.

When I got home I seen that PokerStars just announced details of this years World Blogging Championship of Online Poker or WBCOOP. I cant wait to get my entry in again and see if I can defend the title. My main focus again will be to help out others who are less fortunate and also to promote PokerSchoolOnline where I help out as a moderator. You can find out all the details about the WBCOOP by visiting and theres even a great blogging section there to post your entries so check it out!

This evening I played a short 6-max 2NL session. Following on from my last blog I again focused on reading HUD stats and trying to pick up player tells or patterns from them. I also played a badugi game in the PSO Home Game club and finished 2nd to keep my good run at Badugi going so happy enough for now.

My next entry should be my WBCOOP entry so stay tuned for that and good luck to all who enter.


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