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Friday, 22 February 2013

Flush Draw Almost Took The Biscuit!

Another busy day and kept on the move for most of it. Didn't do a proper grind for the second day in a row but did stop to take 45 mins out to enjoy a latte and the biggest custard cream biscuit I ever saw.

One of PokerStars greatest achievements lately was to provide their players with a great mobile platform to play poker on while on the go. So after my nibble was over I fired up some 10NL ZOOM tables on my Android and played there in the cafe for about twenty minutes or so. In that short time I guess I finished down a buy-in as I was calling super loose playing a lot of speculative hands out of position. I got stung badly on one particular hand where I shoved a set of sevens on the turn and my opponent rivered a flush but that's poker.

Going to rise and shine early tomorrow and get my entry submitted into this years WBCOOP promo on PokerStars. Looking forward to it!


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