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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Rational Thinking for UKIPT Dublin

It was more than great to see a recent announcement by Lee Jones on PokerStars Blog that employees of the world’s number one poker site would be allowed to contest the soon to be upon us UKIPT Dublin event and that common sense is prevailing.

The idea that PokerStars employees would sit at the same tables as their customers was trialled at the Isle of Man event last year and was tremendously well received by all. I beg to ask the question as to why did it take so long? I'm sure PokerStars had their reasons and the integrity of their games are extremely important to them but what better way to get to know your customers than to actually sit down and play some live poker with them? Customers would have a unique opportunity to share their ideas with an employee on a one to one basis at the poker table and that employee would then bring those ideas back to the office and share them at the boardroom table. It's a win win right? Personally I applaud this decision and I hope it becomes the norm.

PokerStars Staff Member Chris Jonas at the Tables

Read the full story of the announcement at PokerStarsBlog and also try to get along to the UKIPT Dublin event, it should be great fun!

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