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Friday, 13 April 2012

Train My Poker Memory Brain

Getting into the swing of it….. 
May 4th 2012

I’m now into my fourth week of memory training and despite not being able to give it the time it deserves I feel that great progress has been made. If you were to say to me a month ago that I could learn to memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than 20 minutes and recite them to you in order then I would have been have been very sceptical to say the least. That is however what I can do now and get it right to about a 95% success rate. I still make small errors but that’s to do with me mixing up a few things, not with the system itself. This was possible after just three training sessions with Bennett.

We have moved on as a class to start tracking the VPIP (Voluntary Put Into Pot) percentages of players either live or sometimes as practice online without the use of a HUD. The claims that Bennett had made prior to beginning this training that we could become human poker trackers in six weeks looks more and more achievable as each day goes by.

I’ve been extraordinarily busy lately which is a great thing and I’m not complaining. I have however fallen a little behind but I want to ensure that I have the basics of Bennett’s systems embedded in my brain before moving on to more complicated tasks and failing them. So far, so good! I’m more than happy with my progress with what I have learned so far and again I stress to anyone out there reading this that everything promised in the book is achievable by all… no exceptions. All it takes is a little commitment and belief in the system.

I’ve a few more group sessions to go and plenty more to learn I guess and I’ll keep you all updated in a week or so. Until then have fun!


Baby Steps......
16th April 2012

Today we had our first one hour memory training session with Bennett. After the introductions, and a nice bunch of peeps too might I add, we got stuck into our first exercise. From reading the first couple of chapters of the book I had a good idea what was to come but what I was amazed with was the actual ability to see the concept in action. 

I guess the key word was visualisation. It's hard to remember words but images are a little less taxing on the brain. The more vivid the image is the easier it is to remember them. So with Bennetts help I am now converting each card in the pack with an image that I can recall and associate with that card. 

In the first excerise we were asked to remember ten cards. I still can, well, not exactly but I can definitely recall the ten images associated with these cards, all I need to do is learn by heart the cards that relate to the image. So this is definite progress. Bennett then asked one of the other students to peel off 42 cards from the pack and by using images we were able to derive what cards had not been exposed. 

All I can say is that these techniques work, of that I have no doubt! I am already looking forward to next weeks session!



A little bit of history…..
April 14th 2012

This weekend marks a new chapter in my poker life as it will be the one where I begin to learn how to turn my brain into a human poker tracker! How is this possible? Well it’s possible with a lot of time and hard work and the help of a brilliant author by the name of Bennett Onika.

I first heard of Bennett in the Fall of 2011 while surfing the net about poker books and came across a book that was yet to be released entitled ‘Unleash Your Hidden Poker Memory’. It was claimed that by applying some memory training techniques the brain could be trained to remember such facts as how active each player was at the live table, remember hands played in specific positions at the table and instantly recall your win rate for your hand versus any random hole cards your opponent has based on how loosely or tightly they play. In other words, how to turn your brain into a human HUD.

From the get-go I was extremely interested. I got in touch with the author after finding him on Twitter and to my surprise he offered to send me a copy of the pre-release version for review.

A new chapter……

The book arrived in the post on Christmas week last year and it was an early present for me. I immediately got stuck in and was amazed with the way the book gets you to instantly forget the way you try to remember…. if that makes sense. In short it teaches a whole new way of learning and everyone can learn how to do this so give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Keeping touch with Bennett via social media proved to be of a great benefit to me as I found out that he was recruiting students for a 6 week training program over the internet to enhance the experience of the book. I immediately put my name up for it and the first session starts this Sunday, I can’t wait. 

I will keep this blog updated with my progress over the weeks ahead and in the mean time I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book or get in touch with Bennett via Twitter on @bennettonika he would be delighted to hear from you, just say Raiser sent you.

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