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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hand History Reviews

A review of the hands that did, or didn't work out well for me....... Feel free to leave comments regarding strategies, betting styles or anything you wish. If you're a Pokerschool Online member you can watch the replays of each hand in the Hand Replayer.

No 4. 
Plenty of limpers here so I was getting great value to flat call in position. I was extremely lucky that it was the Big Blind that was short stacked and the Small Blind that had the large stack. If it was the other way around I'd have been crushed.

This was one of those rare occasions where I lose the hand and still manage to nearly double-up. I jammed post flop as the pot was already one third of my stack and I knew I was going to be pot committed.

As always your thoughts are appreciated. Leave a comment below or join me on Twitter @theroyalraiser

No 3.
Here I attempted a blind steal (On the Buttton) with suited gapped connectors....... How do you think I got on? Would you have opened this hand? 

The interesting thing with this hand was trying to read the opponents as the board was dealt out. Leave a comment on your thoughts about the hand....... The hand can be replayed by clicking the link at the bottom of the photo.

No 2.
This one didn't work out good! Looking back on it there's nothing I've have done different. Made a standard raise in early position and I was never folding preflop with this holding. 

The only thing to do is make a note on the opponents shoving range while short stacked! Thankfully the damage was at a minimum....... Leave a comment if you have similar stories of being sucked out like this. 

No 1.
Flopped a straight and nut flush draw..... My opponents starting hands made sure I got paid off here....

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