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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Playing Poker - A Beginners Guide

Having played the game of Poker now for several years it's easy to forget just how daunting of a game it can be for an absolute beginner. Taking those tentative first steps without fully understanding the rules or the subtle nuances of the game can be quiet a challenging task. 

There are numerous poker-related websites and forums where new players can ask their questions and seek advice from their more experienced peers. Some however may be a little shy to seek help, maybe considering their question too 'dumb' to post it in a public forum. The only truly dumb questions though are the ones that are never asked and in my experience other players are only too eager to pass on their tips and help a new player get accustomed to the game. The poker world online, although quite a large one, is still a Community and for the most part players are happy to welcome those that are just beginning their poker journey.

One such place is a website called PokerSchoolOnline and it has a ever-growing Community of both new players and old-hands. It's the official PokerStars online school for poker and as a result it's packed full of strategy articles, videos from Pro players, courses and quizzes and also a great poker forum plus much more. Check it out for yourself if you haven't heard of it before. 

One of the neat little features that PokerSchoolOnline rolled out recently was this Poker Tutorial interactive game. It's a fun way to try out playing a couple of poker hands and it's ideal for a person who has never sat at a poker table before to get their feet wet so to speak. Try it out for yourself, you'll have a blast, I promise!


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