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Friday, 4 November 2011

Pokerstars deals 7 billionth hand!

Pokerstars dealt it's 7 billionth hand last night to two German players at a heads-up table. The eventual winner of the hand 'Koenigskebap' walked away with in excess of $70,000 US dollars while runner-up 'DodgeUrOuts' also collected a nice win.

The celebration did not last long however as a thread on popular poker forum hinted that the two players had colluded to cheat the system.

Pokerstars will have to take a close look at the public perception of this and find ways to improve what is a very popular promotion. It is expected that Pokerstars will again run the milestone hand promotion at the 7.5 billion mark.

With over 1.8 million hands played every hour at the worlds favourite poker site this next milestone will arrive sooner than you might think.

1 comment:

  1. Of course what makes this refreshingly different is that this time the poker site is not at fault.

    All Pokerstars can be accused of here is putting on a wonderful promotion.

    Would 2 players play at 24 tables folding every hand normally? Of course not. So maybe they did devise this as a strategy to win in the milestone promotion.

    Even if they did it was a long shot. At the time of the 7 billionth hand been dealt there was in excess of 19,000 tables being played at Pokerstars.

    That gave them at best, a one in seven-hundred and ninety two chance of hitting the mark!

    They definitely increased their chance by sitting at the maximum number of tables allowed, but isn't that what poker players do? Increase their chances at every time of asking?