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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Matt Gianetti Wins WPT Malta

The competition hit a bit of a stale patch when it went three-handed. The pace was almost pedestrian at times with only Pescaglini trying to push the pace. Then it looked like Matt Giannetti would be the finishing third when he found himself short stacked and all-in with pocket sevens against the pocket kings of Pescaglini. 

But just when it seemed as though he was a goner he spiked a full house on the turn and he was back in the game. Then after five hours of play Filippo Bianchini was eliminated by Matt Giannetti, but not after having most of his chips stolen away from him by the young Italian woman.

Going into the heads-up confrontation and Pescaglini had a slight chip advantage and in fact won the first five hands. But any chances of being the first ever-female WPT Champion were dashed after she called an all-in holding Qspade Tdiamond on a Tclub 8heart 2club board. Giannetti was holding 9club 7diamond for the open ended straight draw and the Jspade on the river sent Giannetti into exultation and Pescaglini into floods of tears.

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